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Why use creamy eyeshadow versus powder eyeshadow?

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I have a hard time applying powder eyeshadows. I don’t know where to apply each color and do not get nice results.Creamy eyeshadow would be the right choice for you. Its smooth texture allows for effortless blending and application, making it perfect for those who are just starting out with makeup. Also, creamy eyeshadows are usually more forgiving than powders, as they can be easily smudged and corrected if any mistakes are made. Applying it with a good quality eye brush makes it even easier. 
I really need an eyeshadow that does not feel dry on my skin and is easy-to-blend.Creamy eyeshadows are known for their smooth and light weight texture, making it an excellent choice for dry skin. Due to its creamy consistency, eyeshadow sticks feel comfortable on the skin. The brand you choose is crucial because the quality of ingredients used directly impacts the final product. It is essential that the ingredients are clean and of high quality to ensure the best possible outcome.
My powder eyeshadows often crease and do not last long enough.Creamy eyeshadow is a great solution. Creamy eyeshadow tends to have a smoother and longer lasting finish compared to powder formulas. They can also be easier to apply and blend, giving you a more seamless look.