About us

About Us


For the Health & Beauty consumer and for our team, Only1 Clean Cosmetics is a purposely planned mix of experienced executives and young fresh eyes to bring the very best in beauty to our customers. Our leadership team were specially chosen individuals with many years of experience in the Health & Beauty Industry. Our experienced individuals help build some of the most recognizable brands in the World.

Take our CEO & Founder, for starters. Anthony had successfully introduced and ran a number of major businesses around the world. On the verge of retirement, he travelled around Europe and the United States and after some deep soul searching, came to the realization that he wasn’t quite done yet. His passion for creating new and unique products within the Cosmetic industry. He wanted to give back, by sharing his decades of experience and knowledge with the next generation.

Anthony - Only1
“Inspiration comes to us in very strange times – June 2020”.

Instead of sitting on a beach with a drink in hand enjoying their golden years, the team that Anthony assembled, decided to put their combined experience to work by launching Only1 Brands Inc., a company that gives consumers what they want: cosmetics that are creative, clean, and vegan.

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Beauty Message

“Cosmetics is an artificial messenger and part of our approach is to incorporate an inner beauty message. Associating beauty with self-esteem. We stand by this core value.” Says Anthony. For this reason, Only1 is presently working with the best manufacturers and creative people in the world. Focusing on clean, functional and innovative ingredients.

“Beauty is more than what you look like. Beauty is who you are, how you feel, the values you carry and transmit. You don’t just want to look beautiful, you want to feel beautiful. By having confidence in those clean cosmetic products you’ve chosen will truly make you feel wholesome and complete.”


Benefits of Selling Exclusively online

Only1 products are sold exclusively online. We have no physical retail presents and by selling only online we can adapt and pivot quickly to get better products to you, fast. In addition, Only1 can afford to provide you a constant supply of free full size Only1 products for you to sample and enjoy most times you make a purchase. Keep an eye on the site for those free full size offers.

Another example of our innovative concepts starts with our shipping process: each order gets an Only1 reusable cosmetic bag to eliminate excess packaging and waste. Inside the bag, you’ll find only the best in beauty, made from the most sought-after ingredients in the market and formulated for noticeable results.

Yes, our core values are even displayed in our logo – The Flower of Life. A powerful symbol of integrity and unity, a symbol which has shown its presence since the beginning of humanity. A mathematical equation of perfect proportions and often used for aesthetic purposes.