The Waterproof Mascara And Eyeliner That Earned Spots In My Beauty Routine

No smudging here!

By Only1 Brands Inc.

Purple eyeliner and black limited edition mascara on a reflective blue surface with a "Women's Health Approved" badge

If you asked me right now what my desert island beauty products are, I could guarantee that at least one of the products I name would be an eyeliner—in particular, one from the drugstore—or a lengthening, volumizing, or thickening mascara.

Both have been staples in my makeup routine since I was a teenager, and as a beauty editor (and someone who’s been wearing makeup on most occasions for well over a decade), it’s safe to say that I’ve established a long list of favorites throughout the years. While my makeup bag is pretty full these days, I didn’t think twice about making a little extra room for the Only 1 Cosmetics Clean & Intense Liquid Eyeliner and Chemical Free Mascara.

I incorporated both products into my everyday routine for a week, and I can honestly say that I’ll be picking up these products for the long haul. Here’s why:

The eyeliner applies easily without catching, drying, or bleeding

Liquid eyeliner can be pretty intimidating to use if you’re a person who doesn’t have too much experience wearing makeup, so I especially liked that the Intense Liquid Eyeliner is so easy to apply.

I can’t tell you how many times applying eyeliner has gotten a little messy because of a pen that starts to bleed and get excess product all over my hands and face. Fortunately, this wasn’t a problem with this product; the ink never dripped from the pen once, and as a bonus, it also didn’t dry up in a matter of days.

The felt tip also has a very fine point that makes it glide onto the eyes without catching or getting caught on the skin or in crevices in the area. A tip like this makes it cuts down on mistakes during application, so if I had to recommend a product to a beginner or someone who typically steers away from felt tip liners, this would definitely make the cut.

You can choose between three different brush heads when purchasing the mascara

One thing that can make or break a mascara for me is the wand that’s included. Not all brushes accomplish the same thing, so even if the mascara itself is a great formula, you likely won’t get everything you want out of it if the tip isn’t right.

So what I love about the Chemical Free Mascara is that there’s an option to choose between three different brushes before purchasing: a slim, “Flexi Tree” brush for those who want a bit of natural volume, a slightly wider “Rapid Volumizer” brush if bolder, more defined lashes are what you’re after, and a “Build-Up Intensifier” brush that has less density and is great for lengthening the lashes.

My lashes are pretty long, but they’re also very curly, so I wanted to try the rapid volumizer to lengthen them a bit more. The wand made the product apply seamlessly, and the product didn’t clump in between the bristles before or after I swiped it on. This is also a waterproof formula, but I didn’t find myself having to be too rough on my eyelids when trying to remove it at the end of the day—a small amount of cleansing balm got the job done perfectly.

The bottom line

These two products from Only1 are easy to master, and I was able to incorporate them into my everyday routine, no problem. They’re very beginner-friendly, and they both provide just the right amount of intense color that’s waterproof and smudge-proof while also being easy to remove. Pretty much the perfect combination of characteristics when it comes to eye makeup! I’m excited to keep using these in the future.