3 Innovations That Set These Makeup Brushes Apart

Thoughtful design and top-rate materials make Only1 Clean Cosmetics’ range beauty-writer-approved.

By Only1 Brands Inc.

Assortment of makeup brushes with purple handles and gold accents on a peach-colored surface.

The makeup brushes you use matter. Even the best foundation, concealer and blush can look streaky, blotchy, or creased if you’re not using a quality tool to apply it. But what makes a brush a superior choice? The Origami line from Only1 Clean Cosmetics provides a great example.

Founded by a longtime beauty industry veteran, Only1 Clean Cosmetics touts clean, vegan and creative products that are conceived by seasoned leaders in the field and crafted by the best European manufacturers. From a mascara with three wand options to nourishing lip-plumping tints, the brand has just about everything you need to create inspiring makeup looks.

But getting back to the brushes: Only1 Clean Cosmetics offers 11 different options, including a large foundation brush and a small lip brush, but it’s the three Origami tools — Creamy BlusherSmall Foundation Brush and Small Concealing Brush — that I was most excited to try. Crafted in Italy, this trio features a patented angled shape and a multifunctional synthetic fiber.

I quickly discovered that I’d truly never tried makeup brushes like these in my decade-long experience as a beauty writer. The unique shape allows for insane precision, and the densely packed fibers mean I can apply more product in a single swipe. These are the three main reasons these brushes have become daily staples of my routine — and may just be the tools you’ve been waiting for, too.

1. The Angled Shape

The diamond-like design means these brushes can easily cover hard-to-reach nooks on the face, like the crevices around your nose and under-eye area. I find that the sharp angles also help me conceal blemishes with an exactness I haven’t been able to achieve with rounded tools.

And contouring has become a breeze. I like to use the Small Foundation Brush to create a precise line along my cheekbones with a cream contour, and then I blend with the Creamy Blusher for an angular look. Additionally, the ergonomic hollow on the handle allows me to grasp the brush firmly and maneuver it around my face for meticulous application.

2. The Versatile, Super-Soft Fibers

I’m astonished at how soft these brushes are. They are made with Dermocura fiber, a high-quality synthetic material that can be used with any makeup consistency, be it cream, powder, liquid or oil. It’s more flexible and denser than your standard synthetic option, resulting in effortless and efficient application. Plus, it’s durable, hypoallergenic and gentle on skin.

3. The Ease of Maintenance

One of my least favorite chores is cleaning my makeup brushes — it can take a long time to get all of the product out of the bristles, and the process has ruined more than one of my tools. Only1 Clean Cosmetics has made the task more palatable with its gentle and easy-to-use Brush Cleansing Soap. Housed in a portable tin, this solid soap made from coconut oil creates a rich lather to effectively remove stubborn makeup while keeping bristles soft and gentle.

The tin even comes with a small cleansing mat that helps get all of the product out in a few swirls. To use it, you soften the brush with water and run it over the soap in circular motions under a running faucet. Then you just swirl it over the mat until all makeup and soap residue is removed, and allow it to dry naturally.