Why Don’t You Buy…An Overnight Lip Mask Infused With Lavender

It may be your ticket to smooth, supple lips—and a better night's sleep as well.

By Only1 Brands Inc.

Vitamin C Lip Therapy tubes with gold caps, surrounded by purple flowers and serum drops.

Innovation and clean ingredients are characteristics we’ve come to expect of our beauty products, but not every brand that promises these features manages to impress in terms of effectiveness. There is one newcomer on the scene that has captured our attention, though: Only1 Clean Cosmetics. This freshly launched brand was founded by longtime beauty-industry veterans, and it shows.

Its mission is to create unique, exciting products that are clean, vegan, and functional. The lineup includes a waterproof mascara made with a natural polymer, high-impact eye-shadow sticks with 12-hour wear, cruelty-free synthetic brushes with a patented design, and an overnight lip treatment infused with lavender oil. Maybe it’s the winter season’s harsh effects on the state of our lips, but it’s this last product—Vitamin C Lip Therapy—that we first gravitated toward.

More than likely you’ve heard of lip masks, or even have a small jar taking up residence on your nightstand right now, but we’d bet you haven’t come across one with this many benefits. Of course, the formula combines a blend of proven butters and oils; cocoa butter and marula, jojoba, and meadowfoam-seed oils are all represented on the ingredient list. These heavy hitters target dryness, provide lasting hydration, and help minimize the look of fine lines, ensuring that you wake up to healthy, soft, supple lips.

But here’s where it gets interesting: Only1 Clean Cosmetics has taken its lip mask to the next level by including licorice-leaf extract to soothe, and vitamin C to protect from future environmental damage. And then there’s the lavender oil: As the mask works to smooth and nourish overnight, it also delivers sleep-promoting benefits to its wearer. On top of supporting a good night’s rest, this ingredient also happens to make Lip Therapy smell incredible—spa-like, yet not the least bit overpowering.

All of these ingredients are packaged in a convenient twist-up stick form—a detail worth noting if you’ve ever wondered how sanitary it is to stick a finger in jarred lip products. What’s more, this makes it a perfect companion for trips away from home.

Your lips deserve a treatment that goes the extra mile, and once you try this dreamy salve, you won’t ever want to go to bed without it.